Experimental workbench

The scientific-experimental workbench is based on the Magneto-dynamic complex of the SI ITPM of NASU, which has the status of National heritage (Order of U from 11.02.04 73-.).

The Magneto-dynamic complex is a unique scientific object in Ukraine, which allows carrying out experimental part of the basic researches of magnetism of technical objects.

The complex includes a building with the total area of 2000 sq. m, and consists of magnetomeasuring workbench by the total area of 450 sq. m, which building is made from non-magnetic materials (wood, brass, bronze, non-magnetic steel, special brick, etc.), technological ground-plot by the total area of 5,3 hectare, which provides the "magnetic silence" in the workbench, systems of current supply with power of 800 kilovolt-ampere as well as other engineering systems and buildings. The complex allows to make investigation of technical objects by mass up to 3 tons and power consumption up to 500 kW and to carry out:

  • the analysis of the spatial-temporal structure of magnetostatic fields and low-frequency ac magnetic fields of technical objects with flux density from 10-4 up to 10-9 as well as their induced, residual and electric current components;
  • measurement of vectors (tensors) of dipole (multipole) magnetic moments of technical objects with the module from 10-1up to 1052;
  • definition of magnetic signatures and "magnetic images" of technical objects and location of their interior sources of the magnetic field;
  • magnetization and degaussing of technical objects.