SI ITPM of NASU is a budgetary unprofitable scientific institution with the rights of a juridical person, it is under the authority of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; it has been put in the State Register of scientific institutions, which receive state support.

SI ITPM of NASU is included in the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Power Engineering of NAS of Ukraine; it has its scientific council and post-graduate courses.

    Basic directions of scientific activity, ratified the decision of Presidium NAN of Ukraine from 02.10.2013 124:
  • theory of magnetism of technical objects;
  • definition of magnetic parameters of technical objects;
  • control by the magnetic field of technical objects;
  • reduction of electromagnetic influence of objects of power engineering on a man and environment.
A main task is realization of fundamental and applied researches with the purpose of receipt of new scientific knowledges in industry of fiziko-technical problems of energy, problems of magnetism of technical objects related to the decision.