Post-graduate courses and specialized academic council

The post-graduate courses of SI ITPM of NASU carry out preparation of the post-graduate students on specialties:
05.09.03 - "Electrotechnical complexes and systems" (engineering science);
05.09.05 - "Theoretical electrical engineering" (engineering science).

The forms of tutoring in the post-graduate course:

The persons, who have higher education and qualification of the specialist or master's degree may apply for the post-graduate courses.

The period of tutoring in the full-time post-graduate courses is 3 years, duration of part-time courses is 4 years.

Applicants should pass the examinations on the speciality (program of entrance examinations is confirmed by the scientific council of the institute), philosophy and one of foreign languages in the volume of the educational programs for higher educational institutions of V level of accreditation, authorized by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. The persons, who have passed the qualifying candidates degree examination on philosophy and foreign language, should not pass the entrance examination in the above mentioned disciplines.

The decision on the permission to pass the entrance examination to the post-graduate courses is made by the entrance examination commission on the results of an interview, viewing of the abstract and submitted scientific works, taking into account the written conclusion of the future scientific leader.