Achievement and developments

At the Centre under the guidance of Dr. V.Rozov, the scientific school of a magnetism of technical objects is created. As a result of its activity the new scientific direction in theoretical electrical engineering - "magnetism of technical objects", directed on study of the magnetic properties of technical objects and phenomena connected with interaction of technical objects and exterior environment by means of a magnetic field were created.

Theoretical elaborations in the area of spatial harmonic analysis of external magnetic field of technical object designed at the Centre, as well as methods and means of integrated transformations of their magnetic signatures allow increase essentially accuracy of simulation of three-dimensional magnetic field of technical objects and quality of their magnetic parameters definition.

The Centre also has gain successes in development of the theory of automatic control of external magnetic field of technical objects in closed and open structures, which allows increasing efficiency of magnetic protection of autonomic objects and accuracy of magnetic control systems of orbital spacecrafts.

The specialists of the Centre have offered a new method of a two-impulse static local degaussing of ferromagnetic objects and the scientific foundations of industrial technique of degaussing of welded joints which allows improve essentially the quality of electric welding due to exception of the phenomenon of "arc blowing".

Creation and introduction on the unique Magneto-dynamic complex of STC MTO of NAS of Ukraine of the industrial technology for provision of high precision measurements of magnetic characteristics of cosmic devices, produced by Yuzhnoye State Design Office (SDO) named after A.M.Makarov are amongst the most important applied results having the world-level. Designed technology has become the component part of technologies for the national cosmic devices creation and has allowed providing qualitative magnetic operation of the cosmic devices "Mikrosputnik" (2003), "EgiptSat-1" (2007), "Sich-2" (2011) that were launched on the circumterrestrial orbit.

Another practical result of activity of the scientific school "magnetism of technical objects" is designed and applied in the main pipelines of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan of the industrial technology of demagnetization of large-diameters pipes, which allows increase essentially quality of electric welding at repair works due to exception of the phenomenon of "arc blowing".

A new magneto-metric method of the rotors of anisochronous engines quality checking, based on spatial harmonic analysis of the external magnetic field of the actuated rotor, providing efficient monitoring of quality of the rotors hutches filling at mass productions has been designed.

Designed at the Centre methods and means for determination and normalizations of bioactive components of man-made static hypo-magnetic field and magnetic field of the industrial frequency in living premises and on workers places of electrical power objects have significant importance.

Due to got scientific results, a number of important and actual developments are marketed and introduced to various industries of Ukraine (shipbuilding, cosmic branch, fuel-energy complex, machine building, power energy, public health). Amongst these results are:

  • technologies for providing specified magnetic characteristics and "magnetic purity" of the national spacecrafts (State Design Bureau "Yuzhnoye", Dnepropetrovsk; Magneto-dynamic complex of ITPM of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov; "Research institute of radio measurements", Kharkov; S&DC "Hkartron-KONSAT", Zaporozhie; State research enterprise "KONEKS", Lvov; Government enterprise Central Design Bureau "Arsenal", Kiev);
  • complex of magnetic protection of minesweepers (Central Design Bureau "Leninskaya kuznitca", Kiev);
  • methods for determining the magnetic parameters of armored vehicles and concept of constructing systems for their electromagnetic protection (Morozov Design Bureau, Kharkov);
  • technology of degaussing of welded pipe joints of main pipelines (NAK "Naftogaz of Ukraine");
  • the unit for technological monitoring of filling quality of short-circuit rotors of anisochronous engines by the parameters of their external magnetic field (the plant "Elektrotyazhmash", Kharkov);
  • methods and techniques for determining of man-made distortions of geomagnetic field that are harmful for people, principles of their standardization and checking (GI "Marzeev Institute of Institute of Public Health of NAMS of Ukraine, GI "Institute of Occupational Medicine " of NAMS of Ukraine),were used at development of the national sanitary norms on population protection from electromagnetic radiation;
  • magnet measuring, magnetizing and degaussing systems for space-temporary harmonic analysis of technical objects magnetic field (Magneto-dynamic complex of ITPM of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov).
  • a technique for determining technogenic distortions of the geomagnetic field that are harmful to humans, which is used in the Kharkov Research Institute of General and Urgent Surgery and Kharkov Clinical Hospital No. 4;
  • verified method for calculating the electric and magnetic fields of power transmission lines (new version of SOU- N EE 20.179: 2008);
  • method of designing ecologically safe cable lines with voltage up to 330 kV (new version of SOU-N MEV 40.1-37471933-49: 2011).